Our young, dynamic team, which lives and breathes fashion, specializes in the sale and distribution of renowned lifestyle and sports brands, always keeping a finger on the pulse of the latest trends. With our showroom in Gdańsk and a dedicated logistics center, our activities are focused on the European market, where we successfully navigate the specifics of both local and international markets.

Brand Portfolio

We take pride in our world-class selection of global brands, which we exclusively distribute in our region.

Our curated portfolio represents our high standards of quality, demonstrating our core mission:
to deliver outstanding products.

Distribution Network

With an extensive range of logistical capabilities, our company ensures seamless distribution to selected countries within our European region.

Our strategic location allow us to efficiently reach our clients, delivering our products and services with precision and reliability, so that our retailers receive their goods in time and can depend on us for their success.

Distribution Countries

Czech Republic

Retail Solution

As the official partner of our brands, we guarantee the authenticity of our products, providing a comprehensive solution for both brick-and-mortar and online retailers. We value partnership, so we invite you to get in touch and discuss how we can work together.

360° Distribution

EXXO provides a complete full cycle distribution service. We take care of everything — from breaking into new markets and managing logistics to driving sales and executing impactful marketing strategies.

Country Management

As both a distributor and agent, our service is designed for brands seeking direct market engagement, emphasizing the necessity of a local representative to truly understand the market and maximize brand potential. Our comprehensive approach covers market research, evaluation of business opportunities, and integration of our sales network with showroom. We specialize in the direct acquisition of key accounts including chains, department stores, and online retailers.

Sales & Customer Support

Focusing on building strong business relationships and supporting the growth of both the brands we represent and the retail clients we supply. We recognize the importance of smooth transactions for our clients, ensuring they receive the top brands and products that meet their needs. Our extensive customer support goes beyond sales, providing advice, insights, and ongoing assistance to help our clients expand their business and improve their product range. Establishing enduring partnerships is at the heart of what we do, guaranteeing mutual success through unwavering support and collaboration.


As a logistics provider equipped with our own warehouse and professional fulfillment services, we specialize in providing seamless supply chain solutions tailored for businesses seeking efficiency and market adaptability. Our logistics strategy is designed to emphasize efficient inventory management and flexible distribution options, catering to the dynamic demands of the market and ensuring reliable deliveries across the entire region we serve. Additionally, we cater to both B2B clients and retail customers through our own sales network, offering comprehensive support and services that meet the diverse needs of our clientele.

Marketing & PR

Discover our tailored PR & Marketing services, where our skilled in-house team collaborates seamlessly with sales to provide prompt and efficient solutions for any brand. Our services span from traditional and trade press coverage to direct interactions with buyers, alongside innovative marketing strategies. We also specialize in product placements, PR showroom experiences, media planning and evaluation, organizing press days, and managing social media and community engagement. It's a blend of professional support designed to elevate your brand's presence.