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brand description

In 2010, fresh after graduating, two adventure-hungry graduates, Rex and Steven, began searching for the perfect backpack that could accompany them on their upcoming overseas journeys. They dreamt of a backpack that was not only cheerful and functional but also affordable – a bag that would withstand the rigors of travel. Unfortunately, despite their intensive search, they were unable to find a backpack that met all these criteria. Therefore, they decided that designing their own would be the best solution.

A decade later, from a small factory producing just 100 backpacks, Doughnut has transformed into a brand recognized worldwide, now available in over 35 countries. Our designs have evolved significantly, but the company’s mission has remained the same – we continuously work with great attention to detail so our backpacks symbolize the spirit of adventure. We are delighted to accompany you in countless, unforgettable moments, regardless of place and time. Doughnut backpacks are designed to bring a smile to the user’s face, perfect for both mountain hikes and daily commuting in the bustling city.

Over the years, thanks to our gained experience, we continually expand our range, adding new designs, colors, technical materials, and innovative solutions to our catalog. Our priority is an ecological approach, which is reflected in all our activities. At Doughnut, we emphasize high quality and the use of sustainable materials, including offering products made from recycled materials. If you share our values, look for products with the appropriate labels.

Following the brand’s vision of “Pack Your Dream,” we encourage you to continuously pursue the realization of your dreams. We want our products to be a reliable companion for all the daredevils who are not afraid to follow their desires.