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brand description

Elliker believes in connecting with and understanding nature. This brand creatively observes and explores positive ways of engaging in outdoor life. ELLIKER products are lightweight, functional, and environmentally friendly, allowing for the sharing of these experiences with others.

The brand’s designs are based on the core values of connectivity and understanding of nature. Elliker draws inspiration from all cultures, passions, and hobbies to achieve this. Whether it’s through a simple, Japanese-inspired concept of forest bathing or foraging for wild garlic in the English countryside, the brand creates content that presents and explains these activities, using an artistic aesthetic that is key to Elliker. The community is invited to engage in these activities, to learn, and to promote their ideals to others.

Elliker products are designed to provide exactly what is needed for exploring the great outdoors – nothing more. The brand aims to create items that work and eliminate any complications that the everyday explorer does not need.

Brand ensures their products include essential features that will be functional, not just for show. It strives to create products that are truly useful in everyday life as well as outdoors. These products undergo rigorous testing, including waterproof and durability tests.

The brand works hard to ensure its products are produced as ethically and sustainably as possible. All Elliker products are made from 100% recycled polyester (produced from plastic bottles) – reducing the need for producing new materials and slowing the intensification of the climate crisis.

Elliker closely collaborates with the East Keswick Wildlife Trust, supporting them in their efforts to maintain and develop significant areas of land within the parish boundaries.

This area inspired the creation of ELLIKER and continues to inspire the brand as it develops its product collection. The company donates 1% of its profits directly to the UK Wildlife Trust, helping to support the development of local areas and habitats for wild fauna and flora.