Ucon Acrobatics



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brand description

Ucon Acrobatics merges a passion for creative design with the principles of sustainability. We advocate for durable products that transcend seasonality. Instead of following fleeting trends, we focus on timeless silhouettes. We feel responsible not just for what we do but also for what we don’t do. Hence, we always stay true to our motto: “minimal design, minimal emission.” This approach is driven by the belief that less can indeed mean more and that nothing should suffer for the sake of a high-quality product – not people, not animals, not the environment.

Twenty years after the company’s founding, Ucon Acrobatics is deeply rooted in Berlin’s creative scene. Diverse collaborations with artists, which have always been at the heart of our philosophy, have transformed Ucon Acrobatics into a creative urban forum. Our mission: to provide high-quality designs for a new generation of creatives, ready for change. Just like us.

We collaborate with external associations to help us achieve our mission of building the best product that causes no unnecessary harm and uses business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.